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What is it all about?

The second edition of the booking sources survey in the Industry Flash Survey Series, the Booking Sources Survey 2016 looks at where youth travel accommodation bookings are coming from, about various aspects of the YTA industry, with the reports intended to provide insight to businesses that enables them assess their position in the marketplace, benchmark their performance on key areas relative to other providers af3e12d5b-6c26-4f12-a8b2-9c8b38e2147cnd identify opportunities to increase revenues. Just like last year, the survey is short and sweet and takes no more than 5 minutes to fill out.

Grab yourself a tea or coffee and fill out the survey now to ensure that you get a copy of the report!

What is new in the second edition?

In our new edition, we are having a closer look at actual topics that occupy the industry including questions on

  • Trends of direct bookings
  • Impact of sharing economy-based accommodation booking systems (such as Airbnb or Wimdu)
  • Regional OTAs
  • The effect of terrorism, environment, economic instability, global health issues

Findings of the first Booking Sources Report 2015

The first Booking Sources Report examined the major booking channels for YTAs, including an analysis of direct bookings, online travel agents (OTAs), social media bookings and wholesalers during 2014. The report indicates that OTAs now account for 23% of all hostel bookings (weighted data) and that Booking.com have made major inroads into this niche market. Stealing valuable market share away from other sites including hostel-branded OTAs, Booking.com is now the leading OTA for hostel bookings in all regions of the world.The report also highlighted the potential of social media as a booking source, particularly for smaller providers, where it accounted for between 5 – 11% of bookings for providers with fewer than 100 beds.

If you have any questions about this survey or the Industry Flash Survey Series, please get in touch at: staywyse@wysetc.org