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Kate Green - Bill on Gap Year sessionMP Kate Green joined an open discussion session during WETM-IAC 2014 which focused on the proposed new UK Bill on adventure and gap year activity.

Ms Green is lobbying for a national (UK) register of firms offering overseas adventure and gap year holidays to provide details on reliable companies with high standards. She became involved on the topic following the death of a student traveller – Luke Molnar – in Fiji in 2006.

The session brought together a number of key industry stakeholders, including David Chapman, Director General, WYSE Travel Confederation and John Lawler, Chair, WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad, and was organised thanks to the support of WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad member Smaller Earth.

Ms Green acknowledged that minimum safety standards and transparency with regards to adventure and gap year activity need to be implemented in the United Kingdom to protect youth and student travellers taking part in such activities.

Participants discussed the current status of the Bill and what it could include, and how WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad and its members can better support and educate those looking to take a gap year, and their parents.

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad emphasised that there should be international safety regulations/guidelines, and WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad wants to actively participate in this via its Code of Conduct, to extend the reach worldwide beyond the local standards.

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad looks forward to continuing the discussion on this important topic with Ms Green and its members.

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